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One Track Mind: Nick Drake, “Reckless Jane” from The Phoenix and the Turtle (2014)

That there was unheard music from Nick Drake, dead four decades now, is one thing. That is as delicate and funny as “Reckless Jane” makes it all the more of a wonder.

For UK jazz scene, a bold return to vibrancy: ‘Things, for a while, were not looking good’

Not so long ago, the UK jazz scene looked like it was in trouble. Audience numbers were dwindling and it became harder for musicians to get gigs, especially for those new on the scene.

‘I connected with him very intensely’: Deep Purple’s Steve Morse remembers Jon Lord

‘I connected with him very intensely’: Deep Purple’s Steve Morse remembers Jon Lord

“I’m one of Jon’s biggest fans,” Morse tells us. “He just had this certain something.”

The Sleepwalkers – Lost My Mind In Stereo (2014)

As a quick frame of reference, Wisconsin band the Sleepwalkers could be filed under that general, umbrella-like category called power pop. That’s a pretty big category, which describes a lot of artists and songs

Mike Dillon – Band of Outsiders (2014)

Gonzo vibes man Mike Dillon is the secret weapon in whatever project he’s involved with, whether it’s Garage A Trois, The Dead Kenny G’s or even Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe.

One Track Mind: The Hooters’ David Uosikkinen, “Beat Up Guitar” from Essential Songs of Philadelphia (2014)

David Uosikkinen reunites with fellow founding members Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian for an anthematic reworking of “Beat Up Guitar,” originally the closing track from the Hooters’ folkier, more personal 1989 release Zig Zag. There could perhaps be no better concluding song for Uosikkinen’s new Philly-focused set of songs.

The Friday Morning Listen: Arc Iris – Arc Iris (2014)

I don’t often read things about film (mostly because I never watch movies), but there’s this terrific little spat going on between film critics over at New Yorker. Richard Brody claims that you only need five minutes — any five minutes — to determine if a film has resonance.