‘Very close to a settlement over the whole debacle’: Geoff Tate updates the case of Queensryche vs. Queensryche

Geoff Tate says the argument over who is, and who isn’t, Queensryche is nearing its legal conclusion — and that, “at some point,” he’d like to resume a friendship with his former bandmates.

A sudden split between Tate and Queensryche led to competing versions of the group last year, with both calling themselves Queensryche. His former bandmates even issued an album called Queensryche, featuring replacement singer Todd La Torre.

Accusations flew back and forth and then, inevitably, lawyers got involved. Meanwhile, fans were left to sort things out — with some wags dubbing the former lead singer’s version Tate-sryche, just to keep things straight.

Tate, meanwhile, is continuing a tour featuring his new band’s 25th anniversary rendition of Queensryche’s signature Operation: Mindcrime release, after releasing Frequency Unknown last year. Plans are in the works, he confirms, for a return to the studio: “We have new music we are coming out with next year,” Tate tells NJ.com.

Tate has also been participating in a series of shows dubbed “Rock and Vaudeville,” where — as the name implies — he reinterprets highlights from the rock era in a vaudeville style.

Asked where Queensryche’s legal tangle stands, Tate hedged at first — citing the on-going lawsuit. “I can’t really talk about it too much, actually,” he finally offered. “I can say that we are very close to being in a settlement over the whole debacle, and shortly moving on to brighter days and greener pastures, so they say.”

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