Something Else! sneak peek: Brent Johnson, “Don’t Make A Sound” (2014)

New Orleans blues-rock guitarist Brent Johnson is posied to release his debut album, and you can say he’s paid his dues. Playing since the age of four and spending the last decade touring and recording with Bryan Lee’s Blues Power band, Johnson has soaked up so much from the realm of not just blues, but rock, jazz, punk, country, soul…you name it.

Set The World On Fire (Justin Time Records), is all set for an April 8 debut, but in the meantime, here’s a stream of an advance taste. The immediate thing about “Don’t Make A Sound” that grabs ya’ is the funky vibe it throws off and like Lee, Johnson understands how a soul-drenched organ can counteract a hot guitar with a cool offset.

Showing perhaps just a touch of his Texas beginnings, Johnson’s notes sting like Freddy King, and there’s a little raggedness in his voice. And when it’s shredding time, he brings it.

Makes me more than a little curious about how the rest of the record is like. He and his The Call Up band might well be ready to set the world on fire, just as the album proclaims.

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Visit Brent Johnson and The Call Up’s Facebook page for more info. Feature photo credit: Matt Touchard

S. Victor Aaron

S. Victor Aaron

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