‘I’m just left slightly baffled’: For Queen’s Brian May, health is still a concern

Brian May has been given a clean bill of health after his recent cancer scare — but he’s still suffering from the odd pain or ache, a situation that the Queen legend admits leaves him “baffled.”

May ended up having a biopsy just before Christmas, when doctors feared the 66-year-old guitarist had prostate cancer. No malignant cells were found.

There remain, however, lingering worries — even as May throws himself head-long into other projects.

He’s touring again with Kerry Ellis, mulling over more Queen dates (perhaps with Adam Lambert), and at work on a new album featuring leftover tracks with the late Freddie Mercury.

“It’s still a bit mystifying though, as I’m not totally fine,” May tells the Sun. “I still have a lot of problems and pains, but we seem to have eliminated all the sinister possible causes. I’m just left slightly baffled and am trying to build up my strength again.”

Ultimately, May says he’s found inspiration in the example set by Mercury, who continued working on music even in the very late stages of the AIDS-related illnesses which ultimately killed him in the early 1990s.

“In a healthy way, it’s good to be aware of your death — so that you can get your life in perspective,” May says. “Freddie Mercury was very focused and had no time to waste, ever! He really did spend the short life he had doing what he wanted to do. It is important to look at every day as a gift.”

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