Gimme Five: Drama, Sci Fi and Horror Series on Netflix

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After laughing it up through our initial Gimme Five list of sitcoms and comedies, it’s time to delve into the darker corners of Netflix — from a zombie-fied Atlanta to the misadventures of a southern California-based biker club, to the secret double life of a certain chemistry teacher …

No. 5–

A zombie-ravaged Atlanta is the backdrop for this survival drama. Sometimes the storylines can get a bit messy and with a load of cast members, sometimes the development is slowed, but it’s a well written and well-acted show about surviving the zombie apocalypse and the effects are top-notch.

Personal recommendation: Every available episode on Netflix.

No. 4–

Oh, how I love ghosts and ghouls and all things that go bump in the night. AHS brought back horror to TV and made it legit. The acting is great, the stories and dark and intriguing, and the twists and turns are plentiful It’s an anthology show, show each season is its own complete story, which means you get a fresh start every year and so far is has not disappointed.

Personal recommendation: Season One: Murder House is phenomenal.

No. 3–

The show is about a southern California Biker club, who also happen to run guns for the IRA. It’s violent, but gripping and the cast is very loveable even when at their most savage. There is a poetic thread in the show, carefully woven throughout the seasons in the form of the Old letters written by the founder of the crew. The writing is great, and the story lines are engaging.

Personal recommendation: Though they are all worth a look, season one will always have a special place in my heart.

No. 2–

The second Netflix original on the list features Kevin Spacey as a conniving, scheming, yet ultimately likable Congressman out to exact revenge after being passed over for secretary of state by the people he helped into office. It’s smart and funny, maintaining a dry sense of humor. It’s one of the few shows that breaks the third wall, as sometimes Frank Underwood will explain his plots directly to the audience. At first I was put off by it, but the end of the first episode I looked forward to it.

Personal recommendation: Only one season so far, with Season 2 debuting over the weekend. Binge watch if you need to catch up!

No. 1–

Was there any doubt that this would be No. 1? Not only is this the best show on Netflix, but it’s the greatest show to grace the small screen. It’s fantastic, gripping, heartwarming, funny, scary, and ultimately satisfying in every way. Every episode is phenomenal, every character is amazingly rich and deep. The acting is some of the best of I’ve seen, and the writing is beyond excellent. Film professors could use any episode from any season of this show and teach film students how it’s done. There are no more praises I can sing that a thousand articles before me have already sung. If you haven’t seen this show yet than I would ask you: Why?

Personal recommendation: Every single episode of every single season. Watch it from beginning to end, than start from the beginning and watch it again, and when you’re finished watch it again!

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James Errigo

James Errigo

A Brooklyn native, Errigo writes about music, television and film from a varied interest base that includes everything from Led Zeppelin to Van Morrison, horror to comedy, Van Halen to Sam Cooke, Tarantino to Kubrick, and Joe Cocker to Disturbed. He started playing guitar at 13, joining a Nirvana cover band called Backwash not long after. Errigo later founded the Brooklyn group Goetia. Contact Something Else! at
James Errigo
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  • Michael Owens

    No.4 and No.5 are not available in the UK 🙁


    • CheGuerva

      You’re not missing too much in my estimation. *hug*

      • Michael Owens

        Lol well that’s good to know 🙂

  • JuppJupp

    Still cant belive that anybody liked Breaking Bad. So awful.

    • Chris Mankey

      Downvoted 100000 times

      • Demo

        and 1000000 more times.

  • Hector Lugo

    If House of Cards is the first Netflix Original on the list, which is the second? None of the others are Netflix Originals.

  • Michael Aidan Ryan

    I pretty much lost interest in American horror story asylum when I learnt there were actually aliens in it. Also I didn’t find coven that enticing.

  • Demo

    The Walking Dead is my favorite show on tv right now and Breaking Bad was also, but I just haven’t been able to get into Sons of Anarchy OR American Horror Story…and I don’t know why!!! I’ve really tried. What am I missing that should suck me into these shows? by the way everyone…season two of “Recitfy” starts June 19th on Sundance channel. Awesome show.

  • Laura

    The Walking Dead, House of Cards, certain seasons of American Horror Story (Coven was terrible)….Breaking Bad I had to force myself to watch the first 2 seasons – got hooked at season 3 but still don’t understand all the rave about it. Sons of Anarchy? Nothing about this show that I like, I’ve tried and refuse to sit through a season or two to get hooked again- not worth it. Why is Dexter missing from this list?

    • CheGuerva

      The last two seasons of Dexter were awful. I agree, American Horror Story – Coven was terrible, Freak Show is OK. The Walking Dead lost me after season 2, never came back, don’t see what the fuss is about. I’m feeling Gotham – lightweight, but pretty consistent.

  • CheGuerva

    Orange is the New Black over American Horror Story!