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St. Paul and the Broken Bones – Half the City (2014)

Close your eyes, and there’s no way you picture this guy singing these songs. The guy with the glasses, the suit, the flushed cheeks.

Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance – Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance (2014)

Though my mind sometimes likes to classify all “big band” jazz into that Benny Goodman/Glenn Miller/Paul Whiteman box, doing so ignores the innovations in working with larger groups brought by Fletcher Henderson, Sun Ra and, mostly prominently, Duke Ellington.

Benmont Tench – You Should Be So Lucky (2014)

Benmont Tench – You Should Be So Lucky (2014)

The songs, after a long time away, just started floating to the surface for Benmont Tench. He’d been a member of Tom Petty’s staggeringly underrated band the Heartbreakers forever, had even had a Nashville writing gig for a time.

‘I might have a better ending’: With so much going on, Toto’s Steve Lukather puts book on hold

‘I might have a better ending’: With so much going on, Toto’s Steve Lukather puts book on hold

There had been some talk about an autobiography from Steve Lukather, the co-founding Toto guitarist who’s played on countless sessions. That project has been shelved, however, amidst a flurry of new activity. Lukather had been at work on the book with Lonn Friend, a Grant High School classmate and ex-editor of RIP magazine.

Jimbo Mathus and the Tri-State Coalition – Dark Night of the Soul (2014)

Rattling out like a loose-mufflered muscle car, Dark Night of the Soul is a more raw-boned version of Jimbo Mathus’ typical roots rock — darker and harder, like a grittier, more visceral take on the mythical parables of the Band.

Steely Dan Sunday, “Paging Audrey” (2008)

Steely Dan Sunday, “Paging Audrey” (2008)

<<< BACKWARD (“Upside Looking Down”) ||| ONWARD (“Circus Money”) >>> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** The allure of Walter Becker’s music is often found in how it differs from Steely Dan music, and the differences can be numerous. Enough so that Steely Dan fans aren’t necessarily solo Walter Becker fans.

Amy Edwards – Ghosts and Saints (2014)

Left to her own devices after a band breakup, Austin-based singer-songwriter Amy Edwards found herself stuck between her melancholy over what had been and her hopefulness for what might come next. Ghosts and Saints, at times hard-eyed and at others remarkably open, is stronger for that essential dichotomy. She purrs through the opening “Sweet Liberty” with the whispery danger ofRead More

On Second Thought: China Crisis – Diary Of A Hollow Horse (1989)

Walter Becker is the lesser-known half of Steely Dan, yet has a successful career as a jazz producer which extends from 1981 to present day.