‘Honestly, I have no plans to do anything’: Kiss’ Paul Stanley won’t perform at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

At first, it looked as if there would be a reunion of the original quartet when Kiss is belatedly inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this year.

Then, maybe not. Now, it seems more like: Definitely not. In fact, Paul Stanley is saying he has no plans to perform at all.

The issue, according to his new talk with Classic Rock, isn’t the inclusion of Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, Kiss’ original guitarist and drummer. It’s the exclusion of subsequent collaborators, many of whom Stanley feels like played their own key roles in the band’s development.

As a result, Stanley says he won’t be playing with his now-departed bandmates — or fellow Kiss stalwart Gene Simmons either, for that matter.

“Honestly, I have no plans at the moment to do anything,” Stanley says, “and that includes playing with Ace and Peter or anyone else. My plan at the moment is to go and accept the award. Anything else, we’ll see how it unfolds or unravels.”

Stanley takes issue with a number of irregularities in the hall’s process of deciding who received the coveted hall nod from previous inductee lineups. That includes the Grateful Dead, which saw late-period contributors like Brent Mydland included. Meanwhile, original Rush drummer John Rutsey was left out — but Rob Trujillo, a modern-era member of Metallica, made it in.

“It was interesting to me, or offensive to me, that when the question was broached with the hierarchy about inducting additional members it was shut down immediately as ‘a non starter,’ which to me is arrogant,” Stanley says. “People who sit behind desks need to respect the people who are actually either inductees or possible inductees into this so-called hallowed organization. … If the rules don’t apply to everybody then they’re not rules.”


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  • Vic Rattlehead

    Wait, is Rock and roll hall of fame includes influential bands like Iron maiden, Judas priest, Megadeth and Motorhead? or is there Madonna in it?