On Second Thought: The Waistcoats – We Are The Doctors (2011)

This 2011 offering from Netherland’s Waistcoats was a full-on Who-influenced rock opera, at least for half of the album, giving an obvious nod Tommy. Flip the record over to the b-side, and it was a whole other deal, however. It didn’t appear to be related to the concept portion of this album at all. So, I am guessing we’re dealing with half a concept here, which is odd.

Still, there were things worth remembering: A fine instrumental called “Opel Kadett” opened the b-side, with the swell garage-punk organ raver “Turn It Down” continuing the charge after that. “Going Going Gone” sounded the kind of turbo-charged, hard-rockin’ tune the Rolling Stones wished they had written back in the 1960s — but the Waiscoats now have that honor. It’s a real head banger, in the best sense of the word. “She Found” was another fine mid-tempo rocker, cast in the Beau Brummels mold.

There was an unexpected, yet welcome, garage-rock treatment of Earth and Fire’s 1970 track “Seasons,” making for a fabulously spirited cover version. Kudos, also, on the bold gate-fold LP with a large band photo on the inside and a sexy nurse on the front.

As for the six-song a-side of We Are The Doctors (Larsen Recordz), well, it concentrates on the rock opera portion — with each song flowing one into the other and the band taking on characters to create a narrative. “Overture: Who Can Help This Man” flows into “We Are The Doctors: The Problem Is Being Dealt With Medically,” then “The Master” and “You Know Better Than Me,” followed by “Happy Day: The Chase” and “I am Tomorrow.” Unfortunately, the I am not sure exactly what they’re trying to say within the context of the opera portion, since it really doesn’t go anywhere.

Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott

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