‘Remember how sweet we were?’: New era of peace in Fleetwood Mac began with stern talk from Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks, discussing her turbulent relationship inside and outside of Fleetwood Mac with Lindsey Buckingham, says: “We’re getting along probably better than we ever have.” There’s a reason for that.

It seems, a couple of years ago, Nicks sat Buckingham down for a clearing-the-air moment — which ultimately went on for something like an hour and a half. She calls it “the everything-I’ve-wanted-to-say-to-you-for-35-years talk,” in this clip.

“I just said: ‘We should work together again,’” Nicks remembers. “We worked from 1968-75, you and I, in a band by ourselves. Then we joined Fleetwood Mac, and we worked from 1975 until we had this talk, in 2011. So what are we going to do? Throw all of this out the window? Is this just going to end, because we can’t forgive each other, after all of those years?’”

The meeting ended up bringing several simmering arguments to belated conclusions, she says. But it wasn’t easy. Buckingham stayed silent while Nicks ticked off a long list of grievances.

“I started in 1968, and I worked up from before we ever even moved from San Francisco to LA,” she says. “We went from there, all the way up until now — until a year and a half ago. And I said: ‘Do you remember how funny and sweet we were? Do you remember how cute we were? Do you remember how when we walked into a room, we were a power couple? And do you know how long it’s been since we have not been that power couple?’”

Something clicked, both with Buckingham and Nicks, and with Fleetwood Mac — which went on to issue its first new music since 2003 and, more recently, saw the long-awaited return of Christine McVie.


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