Yonat – Daybreak EP (2013)

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Bay Area singer/songwriter Yonat Mayer displays her considerable songwriting prowess on her self-released debut EP Daybreak. Mayer, raised in Tel Aviv, is hardly your typical troubadour. She has a classically trained voice which is effective in evoking jazz, rock and folk music.

Equally compelling is Mayer’s gifted songwriting which evokes Rickie Lee Jones and Toni Childs. Mayer effectively incorporates her eclectic band in fleshing out an electric rock sound. The CD, produced by Jordon Feinstein of Jordan and The Ritual and Robin Applewood of Naked Soul, contains four tasteful and well-crafted original compositions which paint an effective picture of Mayer’s talent, and hint at her potential.

The lead off track, “Intangible” starts with an impassioned blues cry from Mayer then proceeds with a funky guitar and Hammond organ layered groove which rings more of Sade than Carole King. The highlight of the quartet of songs is “Come Around.” The song is confessional and earnest with a strong lyrical hook and a brief but soulful guitar solo. Mayer’s vocal delivery is appropriately restrained and jazzy.

The remaining two tracks on the EP, “Like A Flower” and “Ghost” both offer different pieces of the folk/jazz puzzle, but leave the listener wanting for an entire long player.

If this well-crafted and tasteful EP is a hint of things to come, let’s hope Yonat Mayer has a long and rewarding career.

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