One Track Mind: Lydia Salnikova, “Closing In Christmas” (2013)

It’s that time of the year, folks. Yes, it’s time for a fresh yuletide tune by Knoxville, Tennessee’s ace singer-songwriter Lydia Salnikova.

Whereas 2012’s entry “As Christmas Rolls Around Again” had a melancholy sentiment, “Closing In Christmas” is certainly more chipper, with loved ones expected to show up at her door this time. The narrator paints the cheery imagery: cinnamon egg nog spice is in the air while putting up decorations, wrapping presents and such, and waltzing the holidays away.

As she does with all of her songs, Salnikova composes, arranges, records, sings and plays all instruments on “Closing In Christmas” and does so with an impressive level of detail and polish of a classic adult contemporary recording. Only Wayland Patton is called in to help, with background vox.

I’ve got nothing against most of the vintage Christmas ditties, but there’s always room for new entries to the canon to keep things fresh, and I rather like this new, late-year tradition apparently started up last year by Ms. Salnikova. If she isn’t careful, she’ll have a whole Christmas album in eight-to-ten years. And it will give Andy Williams a serious run for his money, too.

Visit Lydia Salnikova’s website for year-round musical cheer. (And grab a free download of this single with a puchase of a Salnikova album from her website if you do so on Christmas day!).

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S. Victor Aaron

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