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Pro-Pain – The Final Revolution (2013)

For Gary Meskil and his bandmates, the last few albums have been anything but convincing. You had to wonder what the hell had become of Pro-Pain

Something Else! sneak peek: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, “My Baby,” ft. Nicki Bluhm (2013)

If this advance track (and the PR verbiage) are any indication Karl Denson took his Tiny Universe in a profoundly rock direction for New Ammo.

Post-Keith Moon Songs by the Who: Gimme Five

Post-Keith Moon Songs by the Who: Gimme Five

Perhaps, in hindsight, Led Zeppelin had the right idea: When your linchpin drummer dies, simply call it quits. Not so, the Who.

My Alien Mojo – My Alien Mojo EP (2013)

My Alien Mojo is a good name for this EP and a fitting name for this band. The band hails from the Philippines and draws on a funky/spacey guitar sound which recalls American 1980s synth pop.

Steely Dan Sunday, “Brite Nitegown” (2006)

Steely Dan Sunday, “Brite Nitegown” (2006)

<<< BACKWARD (“What I Do”) ||| ONWARD (“The Great Pagoda of Funn”) >>> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** Did Fagen hit his high water mark with track number four on Morph The Cat?

David Ian – Vintage Christmas Wonderland (2013)

David Ian believes in Christmas. The pianist and arranger proves it all over again with Vintage Christmas Wonderland, the follow-up to his 2011 debut Vintage Christmas.