Mechanix – New World Underground (2013)

New World Underground is already the Nuremberg trash metal band Mechanix’s third album, and we’ve come to expect certain things: Namely, groovy and melodic metal songs.

The opening track “Killing Heat” shows obvious parallels to Megadeth and Metallica, yet the band is not a mere copy of the American giants. Their music is independent, it has a charming old-school touch that one can very clearly hear on the track “In My Dreams.” And there’s more for lovers of classic heavy metal: “I Do Not Care” pays homage to Motörhead, while “Assassin” tends more towards Slayer.

Can you even bring put all these different styles on one album? Mechanix prove that you can, with a stunning amount of agility and skill. That doesn’t mean there aren’t one or two weaker efforts like “Crippled” — a aimlessly wandering banger that’s simply not very convincing. Mechanix more than makes up for the misstep, however, with “Necropolis.” The song starts quite slowly, only to grow into a true groove monster.

With New World Underground, Mechanix won’t revolutionize metal, but that’s not the point. This is a varied and, above all, timeless record. They aren’t following trends here, focusing instead on longevity.

Mike Dostert

Luxembourg resident Mike Dostert has written about music for more than two decades, with work appearing in a local newspaper, via his own independent music magazine and at the web sites and He has also worked for 20 years as a DJ and radio host. Contact Something Else! at