One Track Mind: The Nth Power, “Thank You” (2013)

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As we — or me, anyway — await the first full album by one of New Orleans’ best-kept secrets of late, The Nth Power continues to tantalize. On the heels of a very promising Basic Minimum Skills Test EP from earlier this year, this beautiful rock-funk-soul-jazz amalgamation has recently dropped a new single on us.

“Thank You” builds on the early, strong momentum of this year-old quintet, beginning with a tough rhythm section of Nikki Glaspie (drums), Nate Edgar (bass) and newest member Weedie Braimah (percussion). Guitarist Nick Cassarino and keyboardist Nigel Hall layer on their 70s soul hues to the proceedings. Lead vocals by whom I’m guessing is the sultry rasp of Cassarino gets bolstered by textured, cascading harmony vocals, and this pleasingly democratic band heaps on the right amount of sweet melody and organic, body-moving beats.

Just when the song seems to have run its course, the band launches a new, funky section led by Hall’s jazzy electric piano excursions and powered by Glaspie’s unshakable rhythm. The vibe is still fresh at the seven minute mark fadeout, and it’s obvious they’ve been perfecting this tune while on the road.

Up until Christmas Day, you can download “Thank You” for free, from right here. It’s not quite a holiday song, but it’s built to bring some funky-good holiday cheer all the same.

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The Nth Power are in the midst of their Winter Tour, click here for locations and dates. Or, visit The Nth Power’s website for more info.

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