One Track Mind: Bruce Springsteen, “High Hopes” (2013)

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Oh, the rumors they are a’ raging. Word is that on November 19th, a recording of Bruce Springsteen doing “High Hopes” will be released in Germany. Or Denmark. The correct date and location is obviously dependent on your source of Bruce gossip.

On the Springsteen message boards, the tongues are wagging just as you might expect. Depending on your point of view, this news is either a source of hope or yet another confirmation that Bruce’s creativity has run completely dry. Actually, the blather goes further than that, with “High Hopes” becoming the title track of Springsteen’s worst album yet (despite nobody actually hearing the thing).

It’s not like this song came out of left field. It appears on the Blood Brothers DVD, and was reworked recently for the E Street tour of down under. There is great disagreement on whether this new version of “High Hopes” is a complete re-recording (with Tom Morello guesting on guitar) or is the old track with new vocals. Heck, maybe it’s the old vocals with completely new music! Maybe it’s Bruce singing along to the Havalinas’ original track, the source of music being a cassette being played on that old boombox of Nebraska lore.

Good gawd people, RELAX!

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