‘A lot of people have been asking us’: Despite flurry of other projects, questions about Queen and Adam Lambert remain

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Queen has moved on to its stage production of “We Will Rock You,” and other solo projects. Adam Lambert is guest starring on television’s “Glee.” Yet interest in a possible joint tour remains high.

Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May appeared in the U.S. for the first time at September’s iHeart Radio music event with Lambert, after having made a number of concert stops in Europe. The trio first shared the stage during the 2009 finale of the televised singing competition American Idol, which launched Lambert to fame.

There have been no more announced plans to join forces again, but May says he’s thrilled with the way that Lambert has handled transitioning into a role once held by the iconic Freddie Mercury.

“After doing the iHeart thing,” May tells Magic FM 105.4, “a lot of people have been asking us if we’ll go out and tour — and it is a possibility. We played to, I think, 300,000 in Ukraine — our first gig with him — and he worked it. He was fine. He didn’t get phased by it. He can handle that stuff. So, it’s a possibility, and it’s nice to have that possibility.”

If such a tour were to happen, it clearly would not be any time soon. Aside from the previously mentioned projects, Taylor is also preparing to release a new solo album, as well. May’s comments make it clear, however, that this is a combination with legs.

“Adam has a completely extraordinary voice,” May says. “He has the right temperament. He’s a lot of fun to be with. He’s a great showman. And so, it works.”

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