‘I contributed a song that means a lot to me’: After celebrated Queen date, Adam Lambert’s new project hits home

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Adam Lambert’s initial post-Queen project involves contributing a song to a new documentary called Bridegroom. “Outlaws of Love,” originally found on Lambert’s 2012 album Trespassing, appears during the film’s closing credits.

Bridegroom will be streamed this week for Netflix members. Its broadcast premiere came Sunday night on the OWN cable network, after an Octover 15, 2013 advance screening in California that drew the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr., among others.

The film details the story of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom as their committed relationship is cut short by tragedy — and the crushing discrimination that Crone must face afterward.

Lambert, who just enjoyed a fantastic reception during his U.S. debut with Queen in Las Vegas last month, spoke before the premiere about his participation in Bridegroom.

“I met the guys at a GLAAD event, and we started talking about what had gone down,” Lambert says in this clip. “I had seen the film on YouTube, the smaller version — and I contributed a song, a song that means a lot to me that I thought might help connect some of the ideas.”

“Outlaws of Love,” which Lambert co-wrote with BC Jean, makes an emotional argument for the legalization of gay marriage.

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