AC Angry – Black Denim (2013)

In early November, AC Angry will release their new CD Black Denim on the German label Dust On The Tracks Records. Though this is considered to be their debut album, they actually made two earlier releases under the band name Taletellers, but subsequently decided that AC Angry was more suitable for their hard rock and roll sound. Their press release dutifully name checks Motorhead and Zodiac Mindwarp, but they could easily have added AC/DC and the Ramones as well (and even unknown dark horse indie band The Lazy Cowgirls).

So, one might ask: how good can a band be when they are defined in terms of other bands – are they simply replaying all that’s been heard before?

The answer is no – although they reference those influences, AC Angry would never be mistaken for those other bands either, just like AC/DC would never be mistaken for Motorhead — who in turn would never be mistaken for the Ramones. They would also not be mistaken for many of the current collection of bands working the hard rock/heavy metal side of the street.

Sure, they share the traditional musical lineup of bass, drums, guitars and vocals. However, AC Angry actually sing words with notes and a melody — which is not to make them sound like a “pop metal” group, but just to point out vocally they certainly don’t sound like some of those “Cookie Monster” bands that clutter up YouTube these days.

Lyrically, a lot of this falls squarely into the usual sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll category – but who takes any of that seriously anymore? It’s party music for party people, which translates the same in German or English. For example (again, from their press release): “Aufgestaute Wut kanalisiert in gelebter Rock ‘n‘ Roll Attitüde.”

Whatever that means – that sounds like it in a nutshell. AC Angry have opened for various metal headliners touring through Europe, and logically one would expect the band come to North America in support of Black Denim sometime in the new year. So (as the Irish say) – achtung, baby.

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JC Mosquito

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