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Nick Lowe – Quality Street (2013)

Nick Lowe – Quality Street (2013)

Don’t come into this looking for a Rockpile-esque post-punk rocker’s snide commentary on the whirring engine of Yuletide commerce. Instead, across an album of new originals and off-beat oldies, Nick Lowe casts a wry eye on things.

The Necks – Open (2013)

For all the discussion in recent years about the current generation’s creatively unique piano/bass/drums trios such as The Bad Plus, e.s.t. and Vijay Iyer’s trio, there’s scant talk about the earliest and most unique of this batch

Hackamore Brick – One Kiss Leads To Another (1971; 2013 reissue)

Originally pressed on the Kama Sutra label in 1971, One Kiss Leads To Another was an anomaly of its era. But to hear the album today, as resurrected by Real Gone Records, a timeless quality persists.

Steely Dan Sunday, “Pixeleen” (2003)

Steely Dan Sunday, “Pixeleen” (2003)

<<< BACKWARD (“Green Book”) ||| ONWARD (“Lunch With Gina”) >>> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** Everything Must Go represents a significant contrast to all the prior Steely Dan albums before it with the possible exception of Countdown To Ecstasy

One Track Mind: Matthew Davidson, “Heartbreaker” (2013)

You might, with so many deep blues connections, expect 15-year-old Louisiana guitar prodigy Matthew Davidson’s new single to sound rootsy and raw. Instead, he draws in sounds and textures from a stirringly broad musical spectrum.