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Sting – The Last Ship (2013)

Sting – The Last Ship (2013)

The shame of it, really, is that Sting’s still-resonant pop smarts are often subsumed on The Last Ship, his first proper album in a decade, by its High Concept beginnings as a theatrical production.

The Claudia Quintet – September (2013)

Bandleader, drummer and composer John Hollenbeck has been able to keep his Claudia Quintet viable long after its original formation in the late 90s by continually tossing new challenges at it.

The Beatles, “Sun King” from Abbey Road (1969): Deep Beatles

The Beatles, “Sun King” from Abbey Road (1969): Deep Beatles

Next in the Abbey Road medley is one of the Beatles’ most beautiful yet mysterious tracks, “Sun King.” In later years, John Lennon dismissed “Sun King” as “a piece of garbage I had around,” but its lovely harmonies and mystical lyrics transform it into an entrancing listening experience.

Ken Peplowski – Maybe September (2013)

Maybe September, Ken Peplowski’s third outing for Capri Records, delivers the clarinetist and saxophonist in high form as expected.

The Friday Morning Listen: The Lounge Lizards – Live in Tokyo: Big Heart (1986)

“There is something very personal to me in his music. The music understands me.”