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North Mississippi Allstars – World Boogie is Coming (2013)

Named after one of their dad’s favorite sayings, and featuring found-object recordings of R.L. Burnside and Otha Turner, you’d expect the Dickinson Brothers’ new North Mississippi Allstars album to be riven with nostalgia.

Mike Oldfield – Five Miles Out/Crises: Collectors’ Editions (2013)

Best known perhaps as a pair of albums that produced hit singles (!) for Mike Oldfield, new 30th anniversary editions of Five Miles Out and Crises illustrate the imaginative depth found elsewhere.

UB40 – Getting Over the Storm (2013)

UB40 can be forgiven for getting a little maudlin, for enjoying some tear-in-your-beer saloon music. After all, it hasn’t been all red, red wine and roses lately for the British reggae-pop band.

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny, “Oasis” (1977)

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny, “Oasis” (1977)

“Oasis” provides a very early counterexample to the notion that the music of Pat Metheny tends toward lightweight fare, closer to new age or (worse) smooth jazz than anything from the “real” jazz tradition.