‘It’s coming along’: Adam Lambert making new music before long-awaited U.S. show with Queen

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Despite celebrated plans to rejoin Queen for their first appearance on U.S. soil — not to mention splitting with the RCA label — Adam Lambert is back in the studio working on new music.

A new tweet has Lambert returning from a recording session yesterday, having put down some new vocals. “It’s coming along,” Lambert adds.

He’ll appear at September’s iHeartRadio Music Festival with Queen, extending a collaboration with Brian May and Roger Taylor that stretches back a few years. The DJ Avicii also says he’s completed a track called “ID (Lay Me Down)” with Lambert, as well as Nile Rodgers. Rodgers, who rose to fame with Chic in the 1970s, has recaptured the spotlight by co-writing Daft Punk’s ubiquitous new hit “Get Lucky.”

Though Lambert first stepped in for the departed Freddie Mercury in 2009, with subsequent appearances at the European VMAs in 2011 and on tour in 2012, the former American Idol finalist hasn’t followed in the footsteps of Paul Rodgers — who fronted Queen from 2005-2009 — by joining them in the studio.

The iHeartRadio event will be broadcast via Clear Channel stations on September 20-21, 2013 from the MGM in Las Vegas. It will then air as a two-night event on the CW on September 30 and October 1, beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  • common sense

    OH NO! More Adam lousy music? Please dear lord spare us all the noise.

    • Sharon

      Oh I see another hater amongst us. So jealous aren’t you.

    • Mairin

      What sort of a f*ckwit are you?

      Why read this article if Adam and his music don’t appeal to you?

  • Sharon

    I live in Vegas and can’t afford a ticket. The cheapest so far is $600 and that was the day they went on sale by Ticketmaster. All tickets have gone up tremendously since that day. The best seats are in range 3500 – 17,000+. The ONLY reason I’d even go is to see Adam Lambert with Queen and maybe Muse. The rest of these acts aren’t worth the money. I saw Adam/Queen in London for $100 2x and they were worth every penny and 100x what I paid.

  • Mal

    @Common sense 12:17
    Someone doesn’t have to like everything about Lambert, or like him at all, free will and all that… but his music, his voice, his performances etc hardly qualify as “noise” to be spared… the dude has got an instrument and performance quality that slays. To be honest, I only know him through my roommate, but being more of a classic rock person, I can be open enough to enjoy his performances along those genre lines and can be intelligent enough to admit that this guy has got something awesome to offer the current music scene. Haters gonna hate… but anyone truly interested in music and not sitting behind a keyboard being negative should check out Lambert on YT, dude frickin never disappoints vocally or performance-wise. (side note: ironic to me your tag because true common sense would dictate that you might not dig Lambert or his music, but his songs are never intolerable noise which certainly can not be said of a lot of singles released today, in and OUT OF the pop genre, but whatevs buddy).

  • Lauriellen

    I’ve been predicting the Queen + Adam Lambert reunion since they first appeared together on the American Idol Season 8 finale. But I still SEE an in-studio collaboration because what I saw at the AMAs was Queen being reborn.