‘I think it’s really up to the guys': Adam Lambert’s unsure how far Queen collaboration will go

The news that Adam Lambert’s collaboration with Queen will make a long-awaited U.S. debut next month begs the question: Is this becoming a long-term thing with founders Brian May and Roger Taylor?

“I’m having a great time with Queen,” Lambert says in this video from Hooray Henry’s LA opening. “I don’t know; I think it’s really up to the guys.”

Lambert first worked with Queen — stepping in for the late Freddie Mercury — back in 2009, during an appearance on American Idol. He then sang with Queen in 2011 at an MTV Europe video awards program, which led to a series of dates together last summer.

Up next: An appearance at Las Vegas’ iHeartRadio Festival, set for September 20, 2013.

Though Queen has appeared with other lead singers since Mercury’s passing in 1991 — notably Paul Rodgers — Lambert says he still entered into this musical partnership with no small amount of trepidation. May and Taylor, he adds, helped smooth the way.

“At first, it was a bit daunting, you know,” Lambert says. “These are big shoes to fill. Freddie Mercury is huge, a huge icon for me — an amazing vocalist, one of the best rock singers of all time. So, it was a little nerve-wracking in the beginning, but they’re such nice guys. They’re so friendly, and down to Earth. They were very warm, and that made me feel very confident.”

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  • Allison

    Lambert has gained weight and has aged (not too gracefully). Must be all the angst around being dumped from his label and then being rejected as an Idol judge – again.

    • Christine

      Jealous much Allison? So sorry that your idol disappeared. Adam is doing just fine; can’t say the same about your idol. Sorry, not sorry :)

      • Marianne

        Who is her idol??

    • Christine

      Oh, forgot to ask Allison. Do you wake up EVERY morning and google Adam? You must! You follow him all around the web to post negative comments on every article about him. What a pitiful life you must have. Why don’t you get a job and maybe, just maybe, you might find someone to have a relationship with. No one should be alone in life. Good luck – hope you get some soon.

    • Jason

      Poor Allison. What a ridiculous jealous laden post. Sorry for your loss.

    • Jacqueline

      Allison,it’ must be really sad to be you! Ever have any positive comments?At least post the facts!No record label dumped Adam Lambert,he walked away from them.

    • RedRoseQueen1

      Allison? Could you please be MORE transparent? OOPS! What was I thinking..of course not!
      Lambert looks more mature with the facial hair but then, I’m sure you do as well, lol.He has not gained any weight. I saw him recently and in person he is almost too thin but still tremendously gorgeous! As for Idol, he is already signed to Season 5 of Glee which is also on Fox and airs directly after Idol. Too much exposure is not a good thing either. Besides, Glee will give him a whole new demographic of younger fans.Idol skews older.
      Find someone else to stalk/disparage, umkay?

    • Marianne

      LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL Jealous much??

    • glamity58

      Obviously he has lost wait if anything, and he wasn’t dumped by RCA. Lots of artists leave their record companies. Adam is doing great and looking great. Great things ahead for him.

  • Brit

    I disagree with Allison.

  • 2cents

    Don’t fret @Christine and @Brit. ‘Allison’ has been copying and pasting her less-than-imaginative sentiments on various Adam-related news articles. Kind of makes you wonder what kind of ‘time’ she has on her hands. The word ‘gracefully’ appears lost on her.

    Oh…and in her haste to try and disparage the uber-talented Mr. Lambert she has neglected to mention his forthcoming role on Glee….long-awaited North American collaboration with Queen….hugely anticipated song collaboration with Aviicii and Nile Rogers….to name a few.

    Angst? I think not. BTW @Allison….I don’t remember RCA putting out a statement contradicting Adam. Do you have proof? And the American Idol judge-talk? Just a ploy (by AI) to get people worked up I think. For sure they will have him on the show in some capacity —- AGAIN!

    • magsmagenta

      This is quite true, the Idol people put out that rumor every year just to get people worked up, and people talking about their failing show.
      I’m sure the money would be nice but Adam is probably better off without them.

  • Mary

    Gained weight? Adam has never been skinnier. Aged? Anyone can see all his photos lately – skin glowing and vastly improved, NO makeup, he has NEVER looked better. Some sites even rave about his slight facial hair and ‘stache, looking a lot like Clark Gable. And he sounds wonderful, if anything his voice has matured and is glorious – hence the love from Brian May, Roger Taylor, Nile Rodgers, Cyndi Lauper and other legends. And he will guest on Idol again – he’s done it every year, and was the ONLY Idol ever invited to mentor. Adam is fine. Can’t wait to see him on Glee.

  • Jamie

    I really really hope there are more collabs between Adam + Queen. I’ve watched the European vids from last summer and they are magic.
    Omg this Allison person is a joke. Not to mention Adam looks better in every appearance he makes. LMD coming next Monday, how exciting! My goal is to see them at iHeart if I can win some tickets!!

    • RedRoseQueen1

      OMG Is this Jamie from Canada? I hope you DO win tix! We LIVE in Vegas and already have our tickets! So excited! :) Good Luck! Dis is gonna be off the hook! \o/

  • Barbara

    I love this interview. Again Adam makes me smile and feel warm all over. Whatever the future brings for him, I will be his fan forever.

  • Jimmy Nelson

    Adam Lambert is just another over-emoting singing-show wannabe. All power, no finesse. That’s the magic of the old Queen records. Allison’s right — he can’t carry Freddie Mercury’s cape.

    • 2cents

      When did Allison say anything about carrying ‘Freddie Mercury’s cape’? I’m in no way sticking up for her lackluster post but it is was it is and she mentioned nothing about Freddie.

      OMG….you people (ie. you and Allison) will just make up anything in hopes that the intelligents won’t notice. Sorry…but we actually READ…something you should try! And for your information…Adam has always said he is not trying to fill Freddies’ shoes..or I guess in your wild imagination…carry his cape. LOL!!!!

    • RedRoseQueen1

      Well, isn’t this hilarious? Brian May and Roger Taylor HIGHLY disagree with you “Jimmy Whatsyerface” and in fact, are on record as saying Lambert has an “unparallelled” “One in a Hundred Million voice” so WHO should we listen to, YOU or Freddie’s old original band-mates? Go away, you embarrass yourself, lol.

    • glamity58

      He’s actually vocally much better than Freddie and I’m a huge Queen fan. I’ve loved them for years (I’m in my 50s). Musically, Freddie rules, but vocally Adam is superior. Just the opinion of a long time fan of both with a music degree and years of experience.

      • Jimmy Nelson

        Thanks, @glamity58, for simply stating your case … rather than relying, alternatively, on either quotes from someone else or personal insults. I may not agree (well, obviously, I don’t agree), but I sure appreciate someone who’s willing to own their feelings without all of the attendant internet-era tomfoolery.

  • Barbara

    I don’t get it. Why this need for people like Jimmy Nelson to take his precious time to bad mouth anyone? Go where you can be happy and make those around you feel good.
    There are lots of celebreties that I don’t like, but I never have and never will hunt down opportunities to bad mouth them.

  • Jimmy Nelson

    So, @Barbara, we’re not allowed to have an opinion about someone if they’re famous? And, @RedRoseQueen1, we’re not allowed to disagree with famous people, either? I can’t imagine how boring your dinner parties must be.

    • magsmagenta

      Of course you are allowed to have an opinion, and you are allowed to express it. But don’t be surprised when people dismiss it because;

      A. It contradicts the evidence of their own experience.

      B. It contradicts the opinion of several people who could be considered experts on the subject because they have worked successfully in the business for DECADES and are legends in their own right, not merely just ‘Famous.’ And actually knew and worked with Freddie and were personal friends of his and are therefore the best people to know what his wishes would have been.

      Unless you want to claim the same qualifications I think I and many others will take their opinions in preference to yours.

    • hmmm..

      Your comments (and Allison’s) are more personal attacks than ‘opinions’….imo.

      If you do not enjoy Mr. Lambert as an artist that is one thing….but you blow it when you make derogatory comments like the cape carrying…that’s just mean,especially since,if you KNEW Adam’s personality,you would know that he holds F.M. in high regard and HAS NEVER EVER insisted he be likened to Freddie. His motive? To help the remaining members of Queen revisit their music and since THEY asked Adam personally to help them accomplish this,I’d say they felt he could pay homage to their music.

      But of course…you knew that,right?

    • hmmm..

      Oh…and since you made the ‘All power,no finesse’ claim…I suggest you review some of his body of work. You are definitely right with the power,and highly wrong about the finesse. Brigadoon would be a good start for you…to actually hear the control AND power in his voice. There are several youtube videos out there that prove that Adam Lambert can indeed be all power AND vocal finesse….

      Of course…you knew that,right?

      • Jimmy Nelson

        Repeating cutesy little phrases doesn’t make your comment any more salient. It actually makes you seem like a petty jerk. You knew that, right?

    • RedRoseQueen1

      “I can’t imagine how boring your dinner parties must be” Jimmy, not NEARLY as boring as they would be if YOU were in attendance, I assure you.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    Honestly everyone and for what it’s worth, the bottom line has already been said by Adam himself; “I think it’s really up to the guys” (meaning Brian and Roger of Queen) I am sure there will be some future projects/collaborations. :D

  • Jacky Westoby

    Surely, “Jimmy” and any other knockers, the point is that Queen members themselves want Adam to sing with them-I think, don’t you, that they have a slightly more knowledgable opinion about Adam’s vocal talents than you have. Just a tiny bit! And as I was lucky enough to see them all in London last year-and I expect you weren’t- don’t comment on things you have no experience of, sweetheart. Adam was magnificent; the reviews were outstanding, and he won over the 9o% Queen fan based audience completley. And they know a thing or two about singing talent.

    • Bang Bang

      Hmm. So, the only people qualified to judge singers must have seen them in concert, eh? Interesting. What if a performer or group doesn’t tour America? Like, say … Adam Lambert? That just eliminated everyone in the states from participating in this conversation. A pity. I’m pretty sure he has a great number of fans here.

      • number8gurl

        I’ve seen Adam in concert 6 times and have never left the United States. And BELIEVE ME my numbers are low compared to some others US fans who have more means to travel than I do. I can also attest for several of the people in this convo who I know both online and have met in person are American and have seen Adam in concert numerous times. No, Adam didn’t do an ‘official’ tour in the US for his 2nd album but he did probably 30 concerts and many other live appearances IN THE STATES where he performed and fans got a chance to see him live. I know you know all this and were just being a smart-a** but thought I’d explain anyway. Have a nice day Bang Bang!