Al Jardine set to tour with Brian Wilson after Beach Boys snub: ‘We’re the heart and soul of this anyway’

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Al Jardine has opened up about the sad end to the Beach Boys’ 50th anniversary tour, which saw Mike Love — owner of the band’s brand — decided to continue forward with only second-edition member Bruce Johnston.

Brian Wilson, the band’s creative wellspring; original guitarist David Marks and Jardine were left out of subsequent tour dates, and eventually decided to begin a series of separate performances.

Still, after a releasing an out-of-nowhere reunion project featuring all of the Beach Boys living members, then mounting a celebrated series of concert dates — after decades of missed opportunities for such things — it was a decidedly downbeat ending.

All of the good feelings surrounding That’s Why God Made the Radio evaporated — leaving many long-time fans shocked.

Jardine, too.

In a new talk with The Ticker, he admits confusion and no small amount of hurt feelings on how everything ultimately unfolded.

He also makes a case for the new grouping of Wilson, Jardine and Marks as the “heart and soul” of the Beach Boys.

“We were just shocked. After all the momentum we created, that he would want to continue on alone – we didn’t understand it,” Jardine says of Love — adding that a new single was planned from the reunion album, as well as a concert film and follow-up album project. “I can understand wanting to tour with your own people, but this was our legacy as a band. To be short-sighted enough to abandon that to do your own thing – it’s a shame.”

The reunited Beach Boys’ last show was in September in London. By December, Jardine had already joined Wilson on stage. Earlier this year, a series of dates together with Marks was announced, to begin on July 20, 2013 and continue through October.

“Brian and I decided that, heck – we’re the heart and soul of this thing anyway, we’re going to continue to perform the legacy,” Jardine says. “We have the voices, we have the creative material, and we have a wonderful backing band that Brian has been using for years. You know – we ought to do a contest between the two lineups. (Laughs.) It could be fun for fans. It would be illuminating.”

Wilson has already said he doubts another reunion with Mike Love, his cousin, is in the offing — and Jardine confirms that: “If Mike wants to come back, it’d be wonderful and we’d love to have him. But I don’t think at this point it looks like it’s going to happen.”

Wilson has also since announced plans for a new solo album, with Jardine, Marks and a series of other guest stars.

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  • Deb

    What a bummer…. but you know what? I’d rather see/listen to the heart of the Beach Boys, than bother with a crying over a name that’s devoid of the soul to which that name once embodied. Good for you, Al, Brian and David…. remember, this is only that one door closing, another one has just opened. I’m on board… come tour in Michigan!

  • Rick Yarbrough

    The Beach Boys Live through the memorey of the Other two brothers and The Brian Wilson Band, They are the Heart and Soul of The Beach Boy, Mike Love I could say alot of Bad words about But, I’m in hopes you will reject him as he has you all, The Brian Wilson Band is the True rememberance of the real Beach Boys, and they shall be always supported and Loved by their Fans. And we true fans are Loyal to You, David and Brian,
    Your Fan, R Yarbrough

  • Greg

    I was planning to go the Beach Boys Reunion Tour and decided not to. I saw Brian Wilson at Wolf Trap park debut his album “Brian Wilson Re-Immagines Gershwin” and decided that I could not top that by going to the reunion tour.

    I now feel I made the right choice as Mike Love canning them would have made a worst taste in my mouth.

    Brian Wilson is the heart of the Beach Boys and although has no rights to the name, the Beach Boys will always be his band.

  • SC

    There is nothing like seeing the Boys with the line-up that made it all happen. The new album is very good and the 50th Anniv. tour shows were just incredible!! All Mike cares about is whoring the name out for as much money as he can and could care less about the integrity of the music. While it can never be the Beach Boys without him, I would still go see Brian, AL and David before I go to see the sorry excuse that Mike is touring around and tying to pass off as the “real” thing. Extremely sad for us long time fans, because this band is a national treasure.

    • Ang Jones

      If Al and Brian are the heart and soul of the Beach Boys, what part was Mike Love? At times, it doesn’t appear he was the brains.

  • Derek Taylor

    I grew up listening to the Beach Boys, to me they consisted of five names, Brian, Carl and Dennis wilson, Al Jardine, and Finally Mike Love, who for some reason always seemed the outsider, now we know why. I don’t think he was ever content being in the shadow of Brian, they say blood is thicker than water, well he must have see through veins, there is nothing red in his arteries. I listened to Al jardines reworking of the “California saga” last night, it was brilliant, and if he intends to team up with Brian and David Marks, all I can say is “SURF’S UP DUDE.”

  • Gary Sullivan Taylor

    I understand band egos and diversity…When things are just starting to Jell;BAM! Someone jumps off the train and totally screws things up for millions of fans.I could have made it one form or another in music as a drummer and man;it’s one thing or another with bands.At one time in my life ;I grabbed all my cases of drums out of my music room and threw them under my carport and practically gave them away.I was so devistated about issues with band members and getting screwed by managers,egos and butt holes.I think Mike Love has lost his “cotton Picken’ Budda Mind!”I’d love to see Brian kick his BUdda Bootie !;o) LOL

  • Phil Miglioratti

    For a group that thrives on harmony, their relationships have been less than harmonious. When I saw them interacting during the 50th anniversary tour, their vibe was joyous and fun-loving, not unlike a family reunion.

  • Ang Jones

    Let’s look to the future. Brian, Al and David together with Brian’s wonderful band – that is Beach Boys enough for me!

    Al’s suggestion of a contest between the two line-ups made me SMiLE. It wouldn’t be a contest – it would be a walkover!

    • Gary Sullivan Taylor

      It’s sad and frustrating but you know;I’d spend money any day to see Brian,Al and band any day but I would have to think about the other way and my thinking cap says NO unless tickets were dirt cheap…;o)~~~~~~~~~CHa Bang !

  • Alec Soland

    I just heard that mike love is sorry for kicking the boys out and mike Is re asking all three of them for another reunion I saw them last year on June 3rd in ca in Irvine in Verizon wireless theatre

  • Bob Sangwell

    I agree with all the above. I was present at the last Reunion concert and had heard the news of the break up on the way to the venue. It was an amazing night, and I am so pleased to see the guys performing together. When you look at the history of the band it’s clear that ML was front man and very little more, which must have hurt. I also saw them during their Surf’s Up/Holland international tour, but nothing compared to the reunion concerts. Love to the guys, but the Brian Wilson Band will easily make up for the loss of Mike and Bruce

  • Joshua Adams

    The number one thing that boggles my mind is why Mike Love owns the name. Brian and Al playing together should be under the Beach Boys name, they should take Mike Hate to court. Mike Love has contributed NOTHING to the legacy other than undermining their creative output and pushing the peak era catalog, which is a great era but all the material from 62 thru 72 is phenomenal, head&shoulders above anything any other band in history; the beatles never matched that brilliance and longevity. The new album “thats why god made the radio” is good, it doesnt chalk up to Pet Sounds, Today, All Summer Long or Sunflower but it’s still those legendary voices and that’s what counts. Love live the Beach Boys!

  • Spencer

    I was lucky enough to see the very last show at Wembley last September and it was stunning. Just how good it was is highlighted by the fact that every song performed you knew….not like some gigs where fans only know one song out of every six lol.

    The so called “Beach Boys” at Hyde Park recently was a less than woeful performance.

    The genius of Brian Wilson is highlighted in the way he has got the backing to perform to perfection, a group of musicians that deserve a huge amount of credit for their performances.

    Thanks for the Wembley show guys, it’s still buzzing around in my head….still hard to believe that I got to see my ultimate heroes perform…..uber cool!!!