Al Jardine set to tour with Brian Wilson after Beach Boys snub: ‘We’re the heart and soul of this anyway’

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Al Jardine has opened up about the sad end to the Beach Boys’ 50th anniversary tour, which saw Mike Love — owner of the band’s brand — decided to continue forward with only second-edition member Bruce Johnston.

Brian Wilson, the band’s creative wellspring; original guitarist David Marks and Jardine were left out of subsequent tour dates, and eventually decided to begin a series of separate performances.

Still, after a releasing an out-of-nowhere reunion project featuring all of the Beach Boys living members, then mounting a celebrated series of concert dates — after decades of missed opportunities for such things — it was a decidedly downbeat ending.

All of the good feelings surrounding That’s Why God Made the Radio evaporated — leaving many long-time fans shocked.

Jardine, too.

In a new talk with The Ticker, he admits confusion and no small amount of hurt feelings on how everything ultimately unfolded.

He also makes a case for the new grouping of Wilson, Jardine and Marks as the “heart and soul” of the Beach Boys.

“We were just shocked. After all the momentum we created, that he would want to continue on alone – we didn’t understand it,” Jardine says of Love — adding that a new single was planned from the reunion album, as well as a concert film and follow-up album project. “I can understand wanting to tour with your own people, but this was our legacy as a band. To be short-sighted enough to abandon that to do your own thing – it’s a shame.”

The reunited Beach Boys’ last show was in September in London. By December, Jardine had already joined Wilson on stage. Earlier this year, a series of dates together with Marks was announced, to begin on July 20, 2013 and continue through October.

“Brian and I decided that, heck – we’re the heart and soul of this thing anyway, we’re going to continue to perform the legacy,” Jardine says. “We have the voices, we have the creative material, and we have a wonderful backing band that Brian has been using for years. You know – we ought to do a contest between the two lineups. (Laughs.) It could be fun for fans. It would be illuminating.”

Wilson has already said he doubts another reunion with Mike Love, his cousin, is in the offing — and Jardine confirms that: “If Mike wants to come back, it’d be wonderful and we’d love to have him. But I don’t think at this point it looks like it’s going to happen.”

Wilson has also since announced plans for a new solo album, with Jardine, Marks and a series of other guest stars.

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