‘At the end, it’s all about hope’: Julian Lennon on his new album, working with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

For Julian Lennon, the long-waited U.S. release of his album Everything Changes has given him a chance to talk about the project’s broader themes. Of course, all anybody wants to discuss is the Steven Tyler song.

“It’s a collection of songs with social commentary, about love and emotions,” Lennon says of Everything Changes in the attached video. “It deals with a lot of topics, but at the end of it, it’s all about hope — that there is a better world, and a lot more love, ahead.”

But what, you know, about “Someday,” the very Beatles-esque track written with Aerosmith’s frontman? For all of its seeming complexity, the entire process went by in the blink of an eye.

Turns out, Lennon and Tyler ran into each other at a hotel. Within a matter of moments, they were composing something together.

Not long after, they had “Someday.”

“I decided I needed one or two more tracks for the album, and I said: ‘Steven, would you care to help?’ And he said, sure,” Lennon adds. “It was literally put together, from start to finish, in two hours. I kid you not.”

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