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Deep Beatles: Paul McCartney, “Flaming Pie” from Good Evening New York City (2009)

Our series on live Paul McCartney concludes with a perfect example of how live recordings often improve upon studio versions. Some artists use concerts as an occasion to play deep album tracks that may have been unfairly overlooked

Cory Linden – Based on a True Story (2013)

Cory Linden wears his radio-friendly influences on his sleeve, but the Florida-born, Ohio-raised singer-songwriter isn’t afraid to cuff them around a little in the service of a song. Based on a True Story is at his best when he mixes it up like that. “Hold On (To Whatcha Got)” sets an approachable tenor for the project, as Linden combines theRead More

Countdown 5, “Shaka Shaka Na Na / Money Man” (1969): One Track Mind

Countdown 5, “Shaka Shaka Na Na / Money Man” (1969): One Track Mind

Punching in as the Countdown 5’s final effort, “Shaka Shaka Na Na / Money Man” captured the band going out with a bang!

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Get Thy Bearings (2013)

Robert Walter has been going back and forth between his two main acid jazz projects the Greyboy Allstars and his 20th Congress since the 90s, but 2013 is the year when both worlds collided.

The Friday Morning Listen: Supersuckers – All Songs Sound the Same (1992)

It isn’t often that I hear the words of my parents coming out of my mouth. Actually, it isn’t even something that I particularly dread.