‘Just a joke’: What Don Felder said to Joe Walsh on the classic video for the Eagles’ “Hotel California”

Ever wondered what Don Felder said to Joe Walsh to crack him up during the iconic twin guitar solos on the original 1970s-era video for “Hotel California”? Us, too.

You can see Walsh bursting out laughing at the 5:51 point of the original promotional clip.

Of course, this dates back to a time before videos were played on television, but Felder still remembers the shoot — and the joke he told Walsh — vividly.

“We’re actually filming this so we can send it over to Japan, and Europe, so people can see what this is about — which was the way you promoted stuff before you could go on MTV,” Felder says in the Howard Stern video below. “Back in those days, we used to do a lot of drugs. People would walk around with reminiscences glistening on the tip of their nose. If you had that on your face, people would say: ‘Hey, you’re showing.’ So, in the middle of filming this, I just lean over to Joe in the middle of the song and said: ‘You’re showing.'”

“Hotel California,” of course, would become a signature moment for both co-writer Felder and for the Eagles, though by 2001 he was out of the band. The video, however, lives on — as a testament to the song’s crunchy power, and to his friendship with Walsh.

Oh, and about the coke booger? “He didn’t really,” Felder adds. “It was just a joke.”

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