‘After about a week and a half, I settled in’: Brad Wilk meshed well on Black Sabbath’s fast-selling 13

Even as Black Sabbath appears headed toward its first-ever American charttopper with 13, we get a glimpse into the drummer Brad Wilk’s unique experience meshing with the veteran doom rockers.

To begin with, Wilk — who was memorably brought in from Rage Against the Machine by producer Rick Rubin when talks with Bill Ward failed — could be found working out his parts outside the studio, listening to the new music being completed by Tony Iommi and Co. on headphones. He was that worried about live takes with these music legends.

Before long, however, he was creating effortlessly in the studio — and giving back as good as the jokesters in Black Sabbath gave.

“I remember when I first walked in,” Wilk says in the video below. “I just couldn’t help but feel like the 14-year-old kid who was sitting with the record player, listening to Black Sabbath. After about a week and a half, I kind of settled in and realized that they poop and pee just like me.”

Rubin praises Wilk for his ability to play both the hard-driving metal grooves, but also bring a smart facility to the blues- and prog-influenced tangents that have always been a part of Black Sabbath’s sound.

Meanwhile, Billboard reports that the band is tracking toward a ground-breaking No. 1 ranking for 13 when the weekly charts are announced on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.

Their lone appearance on the Billboard Top 10 was back in 1971 with the No. 8 hit Master of Reality. Black Sabbath’s 13 marks their first full-length studio effort with Ozzy Osbourne since eight years later, Never Say Die.


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