Almost Hits: The Eagles, “Busy Being Fabulous” (2008)

Released in 2008 from the Eagles’ double-album set Long Road Out of Eden, “Busy Being Fabulous” is a song that shows Don Henley to be in typical high quality form.

He has always been a master at writing about relationships and also at writing scathing commentary about the Hollywood social scene — even though he was a major part of it for a long time. Here, Henley combines both subjects in one song.

On “Busy Being Fabulous,” Henley laments that his lady socializes with her “high-rollin’ friends,” leaving him home with the kids. While she is having a blast now, she could be mortgaging her future — and what’s important in “the long run” (pun unintended) — because she’s too “too busy being fabulous, too busy to think about us.” The famous quartet’s co-leader asks her: “Where do you go when the party ends?” Will it be too late to save their relationship when she’s ready to settle down?

It’s a great song that sounds like a typical upbeat Eagles ballad with a top notch melody, lead vocal, and support by his famous mates.

This very nice tune would have easily zoomed into the Top 10, if it had shown up on one of Eagles’ 1970s records. Unfortunately, it only went to No. 28 on the country chart and No. 12 on the adult contemporary chart, while failing to make the Billboard Hot 100 at all — so it goes down in history as another hit that wasn’t.


Charlie Ricci

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