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One Track Mind: John Frusciante, “Wayne” (2013)

One Track Mind: John Frusciante, “Wayne” (2013)

John Frusciante has released a lengthy, darkly emotional rumination, written for a friend that went back to the guitarist’s days in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Wayne Forman, tragically, died before he could hear this tribute.

Tony Low – Tone-Wah (2013)

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard anything from Tony Low, but as evidenced by his new disc, Tone-Wah, he’s obviously kept his chops up in the interim.

Books: Greg Kihn’s Rubber Soul — and the plot to kill the Beatles

Greg Kihn is best known these days for 1980s-era hits like “Jeopardy” and “The Breakup Song,” or perhaps for his longtime tenure as a DJ on San Jose’s KUFX. But he’s also been a published author since 1996, starting with “Horror Show”

Mike Pride – Drummer’s Corpse (2013)

Albums with as many songs as a 45 single are bound to be interesting, and that’s undeniably the case for Mike Pride’s dual epic numbers compiled into his upcoming Drummer’s Corpse album.