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Bob Wayne, outlaw country artist: Something Else! Interview

Bob Wayne, outlaw country artist: Something Else! Interview

Though his music is very much set in the world of traditional country, Bob Wayne is not what you’d call a traditional country musician.

One Track Mind: The Creation, “How Does It Feel To Feel/Life Is Just Beginning” (1967)

Our music is red with purple flashes, declared this British band, and such a description is highly accurate. Big, bold strokes, bursting with bright colors and flavors were the elements embedded within the Creation’s material.

Dave Douglas Quintet – Time Travel (2013)

Dave Douglas, the much-feted trumpeter who’s known to make such forward-looking albums such as The Tiny Bell Trio, Freak In, Strange Liberation and Moonshine, has lately made a tactical retreat to the basics.

The Friday Morning Listen: Cat Power – What Would The Community Think (1996)

I saw a comment yesterday…somebody wondering what was going on with all of the “new” love for John Denver. My response was that I never had any in the first place, but that didn’t lead me to indulging in Denver-bashing