Exclusive stream: Thom Chacon, “American Dream” from Thom Chacon (2013)

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Here’s an exclusive first listen to Thom Chacon, who appears on “American Dream” with two members of Bob Dylan’s rhythm section in Tony Garnier and George Receli. Whispers of Dylan, however, are just the first of the things you’ll hear on Chacon’s forthcoming eponymous album, due March 26, 2013 via Pie Records.

An astute alchemist, Chacon takes in the writerly touches of John Prine, the hard-won perspective of Steve Earle, the broken majesty of Tom Joad-era Bruce Springsteen. He’s cut a live album at Folsom Prison, and Johnny Cash’s foreboding sense of morality plays out on “American Dream,” too, which its stark revelation that the debt-drowning narrator may be worth more dead.

Elsewhere, on “Innocent Man,” this Durango, Colorado-based singer-songwriter traces the sad story of a wrongly accused man named Anthony Gravces, who served 18 years in prison — and, at one point, was on the death row. “Juarez, Mexico” takes a personal approach to the always-contentious debate of immigration reform. “Alcohol” is a devastatingly sharp character sketch of a person in free fall.

Just off a tour with Los Lonely Boys, Chacon will be performing solo in April, presenting songs from this terrific new album as well as the earlier Featherweight Fighter. Thom Chacon was produced in analog by Perry A. Margouleff (Paul Rodgers, the Pretty Things).

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