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Andrea Centazzo Invasion Orchestra – The Battle (2013) Widgets April 6th of last year was assuredly a special night for Andrea Centazzo. He was leading a thirteen-piece orchestra through five of his compositions at NYC’s The Stone club, during a fifteen-day festival celebrating the 30th anniversary of the storied creative music label he co-founded, Ictus Records

Something Else! Interview: Barry Melton of Country Joe and the Fish

Hailing from Berkeley, California, Country Joe and the Fish were one of many acts to emerge from the San Francisco area’s influential folk/rock ‘n’ roll/psychedelic scene of the mid- to late-1960s.

Lenny White – Live from 97 (2013)

Lenny White – Live from 97 (2013)

The truth is, both of the late-1990s Lenny White-led solo releases that preceded the Japanese concert featured here needed a little scuffing up, and this group happily obliges.

Steely Dan Sunday, “This Moody Bastard” (1994)

<<< BACKWARD (“My Waterloo”) ||| ONWARD (“Hat Too Flat”) >>> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** Back during the time that 11 Tracks Of Whack was new, I’d pop that CD out of the player after “Girlfriend” most of the time; I thought that most of this album’s filler were loaded up on the back end. Even when I’d occasionallyRead More

Alpha Rev – Bloom (2013)

Making music of drama, risk and uplift, Alpha Rev sounds something like Mumford and Sons meets Coldplay — though the best of Bloom boasts an originality miles away from the latter.