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Maria Marquez – Tonada (2013)

Jazz vocalists don’t typically give me the same charge I get from jazz instrumentalists, but there are always a few exceptions to the rule.

Something Else! sneak peek: Suicidal Tendencies, “Cyco Style” (2013)

It’s been 13 years since we last received a new album from Suicidal Tendencies, and to be honest, those last few albums that we did get from them kind of went off the rails.

Johnny Marr – The Messenger (2013)

A hired gun and a second fiddle for almost his entire career thus far, Johnny Marr finally slips into the driver’s seat with The Messenger. His debut solo record is his own creation from top to bottom, a propulsive and diverse recording top-loaded with raucous accoutrements and immense souvenirs. NME’s “Godlike Genius” dealt magic in the Smiths and co-wrote songsRead More

The Move – Looking On (1970): Forgotten Series

The Move – Looking On (1970): Forgotten Series

If Americans are aware of the Move at all, it’s probably because they morphed into Electric Light Orchestra.

Miles Davis, with Quincy Jones and the Gil Evans Orchestra – Live at Montreux (2013)

You see Miles Davis’ age, you sense it, in his fingers. Otherwise remarkably well preserved on this date, just months before his death, the legendary trumpeter certainly looks the part — from the technicolor jacket to the red horn