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David Bowie – The Next Day (2013): On Second Thought

Straight to it: Over the years, David Bowie’s continual shifting and remaking of his persona struck many as a case of someone trying too hard to convince the world that he was not simply a pop star, but was actually some kind of artiste.

Matthew Heller and the Clever – Invitation (2013)

Vimeo Matthew Heller’s music has the balls-out attitude of rock, and the confrontational intelligence of folk. The atom-smashing combination of both on his new album Invitation creates a dangerous fission

Larry Coryell – The Lift (2013)

Larry Coryell – The Lift (2013)

Recently I came across a video of televised performance featuring the Gary Burton Quartet, and its guitarist Larry Coryell was using his solo time to deliver some tasty licks that perfectly bridged the gap between rock guitar and jazz guitar.

Almost Hits: The Fun and Games, “The Grooviest Girl In The World” (1969)

Almost Hits: The Fun and Games, “The Grooviest Girl In The World” (1969)

Sounding like the Turtles on a bubblegum bender, “The Grooviest Girl In The World” received loads of airplay throughout Southern California and the Southwest during the early months of 1969

Norman Johnson – Get It While You Can (2013)

The Pacific Coast Jazz label has produced a steady stream of laid-back contemporary jazz albums, and Norman Johnson’s sophomore solo effort Get It While You Can is no exception.