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Joan Armatrading – Starlight (2013)

This isn’t a jazz album, anymore than Joan Armatrading’s 2007 UK charttopper Into The Blues was about something so simple as the blues. She’s always had a roving eye, a restless muse. So Starlight is, but it also isn’t, jazz.

Wings alum Denny Laine reunites with Paul McCartney for new book project: ‘We never fell out’

Denny Laine, long-time former collaborator with Paul McCartney and Wings, is at work on a new memoir — and he says McCartney is lending a hand.

Next Collective – Cover Art (2013)

One of the striking features of the current crop of jazz stars poised to dominate the scene is how so plugged in they are with their contemporaries on the rock, RnB and hip-hip side of music.

Erwilian – Light from Darkness (2013)

The contemporary folk group Erwilian uses this project to transform traditional spirituals and praise music into something more universal, taking away the specifics that comes with attaching lyrics. The results are stunning, as refined as they are inspirational

Ehud Asherie, with Harry Allen – Lower East Side (2013)

As like-minded practitioners of traditional jazz, pianist Ehud Asherie and tenor saxman Harry Allen have gotten together to play duets in NYC’s famed jazz clubs such as Small’s.

The Friday Morning Listen: Radiohead – OK Computer (1997)

I have been spending an awful lot of time lately listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Tunnel Of Love. And by “awful lot” I kind of mean any.