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Books: Basement Songs, by Scott Malchus (2012)

Scott Malchus’ book talks with passion and care about the way music intertwines into our lives and into our hearts. It’s not a compendium of favorite songs, but of favorite memories.

Forgotten series: The Optic Nerve – Forever and a Day (1993)

Formed in 1985, the Optic Nerve garnered more attention and accolades in death than in life. Hailing from New York City, the band tooled about the local underground circuit and put out a couple of singles, but struggled to get arrested.

Larry Carlton – Four Hands and a Heart, Volume One (2012)

Larry Carlton – Four Hands and a Heart, Volume One (2012) Widgets Back in high school while my buddies were air guitaring to Led Zeppelin, Boston and Lynard Skynard, ol’ Ish here played out fantasies of ripping up the fret board like Larry Carlton.

Deep Purple – Live in Paris: 1975 (2013)

Capturing the last concert from Deep Purple’s Mk III lineup, as Ritchie Blackmore subsequently left to form Rainbow, Live in Paris: 1975 also works as another glimpse into the brilliance of the recently deceased Jon Lord.