Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks reunite on stage after ouster from the Beach Boys

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Brian Wilson will be joined by Al Jardine and David Marks on stage for the first time since all three toured as part of the briefly reunited Beach Boys last year. Tickets for the Ohio show go on sale this Saturday.

Wilson, Jardine and Marks — all founding members of the Beach Boys, along with Mike Love — were unceremoniously shown the door at the conclusion of 2012’s 50th anniversary concerts by Love, who wrestled away the rights to the group’s name during Wilson’s lengthy struggle with mental illness. Love has continued with an off-shoot band, still labelled “the Beach Boys,” that features only Bruce Johnston — a second-generation addition.

That threw a sad light on the group’s triumphal reunion project That’s Why God Made the Radio, the first album with original material by the Beach Boys since 1992. After their originally scheduled tour ended on September 28, 2012 in London, Wilson was reduced to pleading through the media to continue on with a group that will forever be associated with his genius.

[SOMETHING ELSE! REWIND: “Isn’t It Time” was once a highlight of the Beach Boys’ 2012 comeback ‘That’s Why God Made the Radio.’ After the latest Mike Love-fueled implosion, it’s just bitterly ironic.]

Wilson, Jardine and Marks have continued to work together, even as fans urged the trio to establish their own tour.

Wilson appeared with Jardine, Jeff Foskett and the Wilson solo band at the KLOS-sponsored Christmas show in Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater on December 13. Jardine is also a special guest on Marks’ new solo album The Circle Continues, singing “I Sail Away.” Marks collaborated with Beach Boys lyricist Stephen Kalinich on that project, along with Dennis Diken of the Smithereens, and others.

Wilson was also nominated in December for a Grammy as compilation producer of the deluxe SMiLE Session box set. Meanwhile, Jardine’s “Don’t Fight The Sea” was honored at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, California as best music video, and the short film also appeared on the Grammy ballot.

Wilson is set to perform with Jardine and Marks on July 25, 2013 at Kettering, Ohio’s Fraze Pavilion. Tickets will be available beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, January 26. For more information, go to:

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  • Corey

    They need to add Blondie and Ricky to this group tour.

    • Ed

      Blondie Chapin and Ricky Fataar were 2 year mistakes. They tried to update with a more soulful sound. Bruce Johnston left during that time in the early 1970’s. Glad they are gone and need to stay gone. No harmony from those two.

      • Jim

        Really? No harmony from those two? Have you ever heard “Sail On, Sailor” or “Funky Pretty”? Blondie fits in GREAT with The Beach Boys. And have you ever listened to the In Concert album? There is a reason why people think the early ’70s Beach Boys touring band is so great, and it’s no coincidence that Blondie and Ricky are part of that.

        • William

          What Jim said…

        • TOM


      • john hunter phillips

        Wrong !! There mistake was letting that little talentless chipmunk back in !! Blondie and Ricky are both fabulous. And they added just what the group needed, especially at that time. johnston, imho, did nothing. I once saw a show, without johnston, in Miami back in the early 70’s. The band was VERY late in arriving and so to entertain a wrestless crowd, out walked Carl Wilson and Blondie Chaplin to entertain with two accoustic guitars..later joined by Dennis wilson. they did plenty of harmony GOK, Caroline NO and others, BLondie ROCKED the show with Sail On Sailor. Also on Carl and the Passion LP, there is more harmony than you can shake a stick at with songs like “He Came Down”. You don’t know what you’re talking about. sorry.

  • Colin Moore

    The Beach Boys are tops for me, ever since I first heard them. Each part of them IS the Beach Boys, including Mike’s voice, I notice from what is written here that there is no reference to WHY Mike is so aggrieved -could it be an unresolved arguement about money? Why doesn’t someone solve this between them and get it out the way? They must all be rich enough anyway.

  • Dario Rosa

    Mike Love continues to be the biggest ass in the music business… The reunion tour was wonderful. It’s such a shame that Mike Love obviously has no love for his band’s legacy or their fans… Jerk…

  • mary

    mike love should of been ousted years ago. he is an ass. if it wasnt for brian wilsons brains there would be no beach boys. mike love cant sing either.

  • John Mylett

    It’s a good thing for anyone at this time to be able to sit in a seat during a live performance by Brian Wilson. Mike Love and Brian Wilson really do not belong in the same sentence beyond 1971-73; a very long time ago. Mike had his place in the band a long long time ago and he was, at that time, a huge asset. This is, and has been for the past 25 yrs and better all about the contemporary music of BW. He won’t be around for the next 20 yrs so enjoy while we all can. Dig it : )

  • walkingman717

    Mike Love could have (and should have) been replaced long ago (with anyone). He just never fit in.

  • Jim Giatas

    Just when we thought that it was safe to go back in the water…

  • Beth Ann

    Mike did not “wrest away control of the Beach Boys’ name while Brian was struggling with mental illness.” Mike has the rights to the touring name due to Brian voting for him to have them, in the late 1990’s, when he was many-years cured of mental illness and married to his current wife and business adviser, Melinda Wilson. Brian gets a share of all of Mike’s touring revenue as the Beach Boys. As for Mike touring with the Beach Boys without Brian for decades before the vote to give him the Beach Boys name, Brian’s brothers Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson were also touring as the Beach Boys without Brian on tour. Brian didn’t want to tour. When Brian decided in 1999 that he did want to tour as a solo act, he wanted to go on under his own name, not as the Beach Boys. All parties (Brian, Mike, and Al Jardine) voted to have the reunion tour of 2012 only last through September of that year. I’m not a huge fan of Mike Love, but he’s not the sole villain of this. Brian was the one who voted to allow him to tour as the Beach Boys (Al was the only one who voted against it), and Brian and Al both voted to have the reunion tour to only last a limited number of months.

    • Jimmy Nelson

      How much is Mike Love paying you to pass around this thin PR gruel? Because certainly no one would take this much time in actual defense of a backstabbing, two-faced, money-grubbing, five-times-married, perpetually adolescent, ‘SMiLE’-hating, “Kokomo”-loving, Parents Music Resource Center-funding, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction-ruining, frivolous lawsuit-filing, hair-challenged, egotistical piece of crap like that for free.

    • john hunter phillips

      BUT NOW things are different !!! BW has his health and voice back. ML has RUINED the legacy of the REAL BBs by turning it into nothing short of TRIBUTE band. How can it be ANYTHING else, when ther is only ONE orignal stage ? I’m not saying the band isn’t good….they ARE ….but the use of the monacle/ the name is a damn sin. The last non-“re-union” show I attended, and I have seen the group over 100 times in concert, sounded okay, but the kids in front of me were saying , at their parent’s indication, ” Oh look …that’s Brian wilson. He wrote all the songs and sings the high parts”. Brian wasn’t there. I hope Brian gets the license back, which I am told is up for renewal in the not so distant future. This is NOTHING against the band … I just HATE the use of the name by ONE original member !! The BBs strted in 1961. Johnston came on board, after GlenCampbell in 1965. Then left and returned for the LA Light LP because BW wasn’t up to it. That’s fine … but one cannot count him as an original LOL … at least not an original Beach Boy member.

  • Thomas O’Hair

    Thank You Beth. Everybody is doing what they want to do. They are all grown men guiding their own careers. There no longer is a poor Brian. He knows what he’s doing, and what he is doing is creating mind blowing music. I hope BW does a quick pit stop at the Hollywood Bowl before summer.

    • Jimmy Nelson

      “Poor Brian”? Try “poor fans,” because that’s who Mike Love screwed over when he decided that he couldn’t — when he simply WOULDN’T — extend the 2012 reunion.

      Here’s a refresher course on his boundless jackholery:

      KEY STATEMENT: “Wilson wrote the songs you sing every night while trying to score with drunken college girls behind the Tilt-A-Whirl with the fetid stench of PBR and stale funnel cake on your breath, you smarmy vampire. You should be thanking him every time you got a little bit because of your questionable fame. It was his talent that gave it to you. Try not to stab anyone else in the back on the way to the stage, will you?”

  • Keith

    Mike Love should go back to pumping gas.

  • Chris Amps

    While I agree that the Beach Boys are not the Beach Boys without Brian and Al, it is wrong to dismiss Mike as having no talent or contribution to their sound and history. He wrote the lyrics to some of thir most famous songs like Good Vibrations and Fun, Fun, Fun. He was also part of their harmonies. Still this does not give him the right to tell us that his version of the Beach Boys is any better than a tribute band.
    As for Dave he is a pleasant surprise to make up for the loss of Carl.

  • James Madewell

    I have always loved the Beach Boys and will forever love their songs. As for Mike Love, I will never again go to a Beach Boys Concert where he is involved. The “Real” Beach Boys will always be Brian and Al’s band. That is the only Beach Boys concert I will attend if I ever get the chance to go to another one. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston have just another tribute band…that’s all they will ever be.

  • Chuck Kirkpatrick

    So Mike goes back to playing the 1500 seat venues while Brian & company play the big ones and make the big bucks.

  • kevin g

    why don’t they let by gones be by is too short to argue over the past.aparently things were good enough for then to get together again to do this ,so why argue again.when I heard that they were getting back together,it was the best news in the world,just for this to happen.grow up and remember that life is too short and there may not ever be the chance to do this ever again.i grew up on the beach boys and all of them together make the REAL beach boys….

  • James

    Reading in fundemental. Before stating that Mike Love “outed” anyone from the band, do some homework first –

    • Spelling is Fundamental

      “Reading in fundemental,” eh? Speaking of homework: So is spelling.

  • James

    And, with all due respect, while Mike tours under the Beach Boys name, both Brian and Al get a peice of the profits. Mike does the work, Brian and Al get the spoils yet Mike is the jerk? How does that work?

    • Spelling is Fundamental

      I’ve read this piece two or three times, and I can’t find where anyone was “outed.” With all due respect, that would have been big news.

  • TJ

    Why is it that articles like this still portray a situation that was blown out of proportion by the media and was already straightened out by Love, Brian, and the rest, still feel the need to rehash it?

    Love and Brian both commented about the end of the 50th Anniv. tour. Both stated that a set # of dates for the tour were made and agreed on. No one got ousted. Love, Wilson, Johnston, Marks, and the estates of Dennis and Carl are all members of The Beach Boys and Brother Records. Get your facts straight before spewing wrong information in an article.

    • Jimmy Nelson

      You’re absolutely right. Brian Wilson did comment about the end of the 50th anniversary Beach Boys tour:

      “I’m disappointed and can’t understand why he (Love) doesn’t want to tour with Al, David and me,” Wilson told Denise Quan of CNN. “We are out here having so much fun. After all, we are the real Beach Boys.”

      The facts seem pretty straight to me.

  • scott papel

    mike love is a idiot brian worked very hard to compose great music for the beach boys we wont ever forget that I wont never see the group if its mike love and the beach boys the real group is brian carl dennis al mike forever