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The Pogues – Very Best of (2013)

[youtube] All you need to know, really, about Irish punk rockers Pogues is right in their name, taken from a Gaelic phrase meaning “kiss my arse.” Confounding expectation, they played softly as often as they played loudly

Adam De Lucia – Hypnotist (2013)

[youtube] Intrepid guitarist Adam De Lucia seeks to create electronic accompaniment that sounds downright human – and he largely succeeds on Hypnotist.

Streams: Otis Taylor, “Sit Across Your Table” from My World is Gone (2013)

Stream a new song — this scrappy groover called “Sit Across Your Table” — from trance bluesman Otis Taylor’s forthcoming project My World Is Gone, due on February 12, 2013 from Telarc-Concord.

Steely Dan Sunday, “Surf And/Or Die” (1994)

Steely Dan Sunday, “Surf And/Or Die” (1994)

<<< BACKWARD (“Junkie Girl”) ||| ONWARD (“Book Of Liars”) >>> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** A slight modification of the surfer’s variation on the “no guts no glory” credo, “Surf And/Or Die” is a eulogy of sorts to a real-life young friend or acquaintance in Becker’s home environs at Hawaii who perished in an accident.