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Heroso – Enjoy This (2012)

[youtube] Blending elements of arena rock, prog and metal, Heroso confounds expectations in the very best of ways. The album opener, called “Act 1,” begins as a tensile, mainstream rocker, marked by a searching riff courtesy of Brian Rohr

The Archies, DeFranco Family, Ohio Express, others – Bubble Gum Hits (2002)

[youtube] There’s definitely no lack of compilation albums promoting gooey goodies from the late 1960s and early 1970s, but this particular collection, which I picked up at the Dollar Store, is what I’ve been spinning the refried beans out of

2012: Music Writing and the Return of Monoculture?

It seems that many year-end arts and music lists feature a kind of longing look back at the supposed “good old days.”

Research Turtles – Mankiller, Part 2 of 2 (EP) (2012)

Brit-styled power pop has been making undiluted rock bouncy and fun since the Beatles and “Can’t Buy Me Love” took the world by storm in 1963. New wave bands that emerged at the end of the 70s such as Squeeze The Cars, The Romantics and The Knack reminded us of why we went apeshit over the Fab Four, The WhoRead More

Bob Lind – Finding You Again (2012)

[youtube] Flush with beauty and mystery, “Elusive Butterfly” by Bob Lind remains one of the greatest tunes ever to inhabit the airwaves. The track reached #5 on the charts, both in America and Europe, making an instant star out of literate singer/songwriter, who was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

On Second Thought: Pete Molinari – A Virtual Landslide (2008)

Pete Molinari’s second album found him going electric, with spectacular results. This felt more like a debut album than his all-acoustic low-fi Walking Off The Map.

Jeremy Udden – Folk Art (2012)

[youtube] As one of jazz’s more restless saxophonists of his generation, Jeremy Udden has moved from the “melodic jazz-rock” of his Torchsongs ensemble to the country/folk-inflected jazz of Plainville.

Readers’ Top 10 for 2012: The Beatles, Toto’s Steve Lukather, Bob Dylan, Rush, The Monkees, Donald Fagen

Readers’ Top 10 for 2012: The Beatles, Toto’s Steve Lukather, Bob Dylan, Rush, The Monkees, Donald Fagen

In 2012, readers flocked to a boisterous discussion on those times when the Beatles didn’t exactly impress.

Simon Sullivan – Groovin’ (2012)

You might be tempted to peg Simon Sullivan, a Canadian singer-songwriter and harp player, as a bluesman. And there’s plenty of that to be found here. In the end, though, that would be selling the genre-busting Groovin’ short.

The Friday Morning Listen: The Roots – The Roots Come Alive (1999)

Ah, the year’s end approaches and I’m sitting here thinking about coming up with some cohesive statement about the 365 days gone by. Or rather, I’m actually at a remove…thinking about the person in his chair who’s struggling to figure out what goes in box. The truth is, that person is very, very tired. By the events of the year?Read More