Bob Lind – Finding You Again (2012)

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Flush with beauty and mystery, “Elusive Butterfly” by Bob Lind remains one of the greatest tunes ever to inhabit the airwaves. The track reached #5 on the charts, both in America and Europe, making an instant star out of literate singer/songwriter, who was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Although Bob never came close to repeating the commercial success he achieved with “Elusive Butterfly,” he continued to record into the early 1970s. He then left the music business, but his reputation has always stood firm, as a posse of artists, including Keith Relf, Blues Project, the Kingston Trio, Cher, Aretha Franklin and Eric Clapton have rendered his material.

Here on Bob’s first full-length studio album in 40 years, Finding You Again, we’re treated to the same hauntingly poetic musings that initially launched him into the spotlight. As an added bonus, Jamie Hoover of the renowned North Carolina pop rock band, the Spongetones, contributes his multiple talents to the disc.

Cloaked in a coat of rich and warm tones and textures, Finding You Again flows with ease and agility. Bob’s folk fashioned vocals are strong and expressive, which correspond harmoniously with the crisp crackle of acoustic guitars and stirring piano passages. Confessional lyrics, examining the highs and lows of love and life in general, really pull the listener in, resulting in a collection of songs that challenge both the brain and the audio senses.

Special attention goes to tunes like “How Dare You Love Me,” “The Gravity Of The World,” “May,” “Somewhere In This City” and the title cut, but the whole album shimmers with exemplary measures. A hypnotic timbre steers the reins, while the melodies are tight and toxic.

Organic and simple, but smacking of top-notch sound quality, Finding You Again is nothing short of a phenomenal return to form. Bob clearly still has the energy and insight to craft moving songs, so let’s hope he sustains the momentum and we won’t have to wait another four decades for him to record another disc!

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Beverly Paterson

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