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Gimme Five: Songs where Van Halen, well, sucked

Gimme Five: Songs where Van Halen, well, sucked

[youtube] Criticizing Van Halen for the times it were too corny or over-the-top almost feels disingenuous. After all, the band’s legend was founded on their blend of dizzying virtuosity with pervy jokester asides.

Adam Kromelow Trio – Youngblood (2012)

[youtube] Pianist Adam Kromelow has long studied karate, and upon reading that little fact I could immediately draw a parallel between the disciplined power and fluidity of the martial arts and Kromelow’s music

Beverly Paterson’s Top Albums for 2012: Rock and Pop Music Reissues

Stay tuned for my list of reissue faves from 2012, from Evol to SRC, from True Hearts to the Ventures, presented as always in alphabetical order. After all, who can really choose, with so many great sounds?

The Rubix – The Rubix EP (2012)

Rubix, an ever-shifting amalgam led by South African songwriter and producer Matt Rod, sounds like a different band on each of the EP’s four cuts — and that’s by design.