One Track Mind: Lydia Salnikova, “As Christmas Rolls Around Again” (2012)

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The Russian-born, Grammy-nominated, Knoxville-based singer-songwriter Lydia Salnikova has a little holiday treat for us all. We’re at a time when we’re hearing a lot of Christmas songs we’ve heard a million times before. They’re mostly great songs anyway, but wouldn’t you like to hear a fresh one once in a while? Salnikova’s “As Christmas Rolls Around Again” is a worthy new entry to the bulging catalog of yuletide tunes. Listen to it on the YouTube video above.

A tender ballad about yearning for a loved one to get home for Christmas, “As Christmas Rolls Around Again” is both a little bit melancholy and a little bit hopeful, and like all really good songwriters do, the sentiment comes out in both melody and prose. Those things are brought to fore because there’s only a piano and an electric keyboard accompanying that deeply soulful voice, as she sings of a gift greater than material ones, the gift of companionship:

I know it’s childish to be sad, we’ll be together soon I know
but it’s today that we could play on the freshly fallen snow
I’d trade all gifts under the tree, give them away ask not for more
I only make a single wish, and that’s you knocking on my door.

On February 8 Salnikova will issue her second album Valentine Circle, and we’ll give you the lowdown right here around that time. For now, grab some eggnog, pull up to the fireplace, and take in some holiday vibes from her warm, modern-day Christmas carol.

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S. Victor Aaron

S. Victor Aaron

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