‘They’ve just gone and f–ed it up completely!!!’: Peter Frampton had a Facebook meltdown last night

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We’ve all struggled to get something to post to Facebook. Same thing happened to Peter Frampton overnight. Unlike us, however, he has more than 640,000 followers, and they got a front-row seat for the online rant that followed.

Apparently, Frampton — who has just released a double-disc concert commemoration of his most successful album called FCA 35 Tour: An Evening with Peter Frampton — was attempting to post a photograph from ongoing sessions at his home studio.

He ran straight into the new “timeline” format that Facebook followers were enraged about, what, six months ago?

Later, Frampton expanded his complaint to include the giant site’s interactivity with his personal devices, complaining that posts show up differently on his MacBook than they do on his iPhone.

[SOMETHING ELSE! REWIND: Peter Frampton has issued several commemorative sets relating to the seminal ‘Frampton Comes Alive,’ but the new ‘FCA 35 Tour’ may just be the definitive companion piece.]

Call this one “Frampton Comes Unglued”: Already angry, the classic rocker then couldn’t find his previous comments, something that sent him into a full-fledged social-media rage.

“I can’t see any of my last three posts,” Frampton posted. “They must have gone into FB hell. This was such a good idea to start with now they’ve just gone and f***ed it up completely!!!”

Like many users, circa Spring 2012, Frampton has discovered he hates the “timeline” feature: “FB just annoys me,” he says. “That’s why I don’t post as much anymore. I wanted to post a pic of me working today for you guys. It posted but only under photographs and NOT as a regular post. They should leave it alone for five seconds and get it working properly before they change something else leaving the regular workings not working.”

After a few while, and literally thousands of likes and responses from fans — at least one said he was happy Frampton now “feels the way we do” — everything appeared to be set right by evening’s end.

“Now on my iPhone, I see everything,” Frampton posted. “I guess FB doesn’t cater to anybody but smart phone users. Why can’t it be uniform on all formats? That’s it; I’m done for the night. No more ranting. I need to be doing more raving!! Ha ha! Everyone have a great night and see ya in the morning bfn!”

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