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Patti Smith – Live at Montreux (2012)

Patti Smith – Live at Montreux (2012)

‘Live at Montreux’ was recorded as Patti Smith celebrated the 30th anniversary of ‘Horses,’ and features long-time collaborator Tom Verlaine.

Forgotten series: Mahogany Rush – Strange Universe (1975)

Guitarist Frank Marino flaunted his Jimi Hendrix fetish to extreme effects, going as far as saying the spirit of the great axeman entered his body shortly after his death in 1970, resulting in a transfer of talent and ideas.

Curved Air – Air Waves (2012)

Featuring eight live tracks recorded by Curved Air’s initial incarnation for the BBC in 1970-71, and then five more from a 1976 lineup that featured Stewart Copeland, Air Waves is an opportunity to examine both eras of this underrated prog-rock group.

Josh Berman & His Gang – There Now (2012)

Josh Berman follows up a debut album that brilliantly collided the very old with the very new, mainly by expanding the harmonic range of his band. Old Idea, which cleverly retrofitted trad jazz with a healthy dose of Bill Dixon, announced to the world that Chicago is big enough for another forward-thinking cornetist (alongside electro-acoustic genius Rob Mazurek).