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The Beatles, “For You Blue” from Let It Be (1970): Deep Beatles

Unlike many bands, the Beatles’ B-sides were often just as good, if not better, than the A-side single. Case in point: “For You Blue,” the B-side to the hit single “The Long and Winding Road.”

Caroline Davis Quartet – Live Work & Play (2012)

Singapore born (to European parents), Atlanta and Dallas raised, and now ensconced in Chicago’s thriving North side jazz scene, Caroline Davis is an alto saxophonist whose taste in music has evolved from the rock & soul acts of Michael Jackson and Steely Dan to Stan Kenton, Oliver Nelson, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, mentor Von Freeman

Duncan Sheik – Covers Eighties Remixed (2012)

“Stripped” from The Song That Changed My Life Series from Duncan Sheik on Vimeo. Former 1990s one-hit-wonder Duncan Sheik blows up the sleepy atmospheres that doomed last summer’s Covers Eighties, pumping some new life into the upbeat numbers — but, even more interestingly, completely enlivening the slower songs.