‘I’ll kick their ass and maybe sue them’: Steven Tyler responds to hacker takeover of Aerosmith’s web site

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Aerosmith’s official web site has been hacked, and Steven Tyler is impressed in his own inimitable way — saying these crafty cyber-criminals “got the balls.”

Last week, an image of two crossed fists took over the umbrella page aerosmith.com. Some thought perhaps it was part of the campaign to promote Aerosmith’s long-awaited new studio release — Music From Another Dimension!, which is due on November 6, 2012.

In many ways, that might have made sense: Aerosmith has been papering the entertainment-info complex with preview videos and interviews in the run up to the album, their first studio release since 2004 — and their initial all-new album since 2001.

Even Tyler thought it might have been an in-house PR stunt. But he says calls to the other band members and to Aerosmith’s web staff confirmed that it wasn’t.

Aerosmith’s site, in fact, had been taken over. Still, by the weekend, things returned to normal.

Until yesterday. Now, the arms-crossed image is back, this time with a typo-riddled message from what appears to be an aspiring band pleading for attention to their previously unheard songs.

What exactly the image means remains unclear. But Tyler has to give the group credit for gumption.

“I can’t figure it out, no. But I’ll tell ya – they got the balls,” Tyler tells Noisecreep.com. “I see a stunt like this and think, if this is really a band, then all I want do is hear their music. And if they suck I’ll kick their ass and maybe sue them. Or if they kick ass maybe I’ll sign them. (Laughs.) All I ever wanted to do was get my foot in the door – that was the mission of Aerosmith. So I look at those words they wrote and I get it. But I want to know what is going on and we’ll get to the bottom of it.”

Meanwhile, here’s part of the hacker’s message, which was still up at aerosmith.com this afternoon:

“Look. This was not easy for us to do. Okay, technically, it wasn’t too tough. That’s not what we mean. It was a tough decision to make as a BAND because we know we’re causing you some headaches right now, and we love you guys. But what is an unknown band supposed to do today? How is a band supposed to get noticed?”

Well, having Steven Tyler kick your ass is one way, sure.

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