Forgotten series: An Apple A Day: More Pop-Psych Sounds From The Apple Era (2006)

There must’ve been an avalanche of artists back in 1967 when Apple first opened for business looking for new talent, as shown during this second edition of rare acetates from RPM.

The big surprise here are four unreleased tunes “Black & White Rainbows,” “Girl in a Mini Skirt,” “Tomorrow Today,” “Mr. Strangeways” as done here by The Iveys — aka Badfinger. These tracks display a Mod-influenced sound not seen in their later incarnation after original bassist Ron Griffiths was fired. Funny enough, they were more like the Who than the Beatles here which, as we all know, would reverse for them later in 1969.

Mortimer’s White Album era-like “People Who Are Different” is the most Beatlesque of the many bands gathered within this collection, though they all try to emulate the Fab Four in one way or another it seems. “James in the Basement” by Dennis Couldry is pretty good psych-pop ala the Fab Four’s Revolver era.

Turquoise’s upbeat “Sister Saxophone” reminds me of a Monkees/Beatles pop-baroque mash-up. Peter Cooper comes across as Ray Davies on “Evil Loving Woman” which would’ve fit in quite well onto The Kinks’ Arthur album.

George Alexander, later of Apple Records’ Grapefruit, wrote two of the songs here for Majority One and Goldrush. The other artists include: Gallagher and Lyle, The U (Don’t) No Who, Jigsaw, Denis Couldry, Second Hand, the Cups and Lace.

RPM’s top notch liner notes and packaging are first rate here, detailing the whole story on the bands. Some of these guys would disappear back into the woodwork, while a few would continue onward with Apple: Gallagher and Lyle would write songs for Mary Hopkin.

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Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott

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