‘I have a song that I really love’: Stevie Nicks says momentum could be building for new Fleetwood Mac recording

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Fleetwood Mac fans not only have a promised tour to look forward to, but perhaps new music as well.

The group, which now includes Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Stevie Nicks, last issued an album in 2003 — the turning-point project Say You Will, which was not only the initial studio album to feature Buckingham in 16 years, but also was the first Fleetwood Mac effort since 1970 not to include compositions from the now-departed Christine McVie.

Nicks, in an interview with ABC News Radio, says there could be as many as four new tracks percolating right now for Fleetwood Mac — one of them a classic, previously unrecorded collaboration with Buckingham.

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As with many modern-day Fleetwood Mac projects, Say You Will grew out of a solo project — this time early-2000s sessions between Buckingham and Nicks. That partnership predates their time in the band, highlighted by the forgotten gem Buckingham-Nicks, issued in 1973.

Sessions for that long-ago duo release also included a track that could ultimately find its away onto a newly recorded Fleetwood Mac offering, according to Nicks.

“I have a song that didn’t make the Buckingham-Nicks album that I really love,” Nicks tells ABC News Radio. “So, I’m gonna suggest that.”

Of the remaining possible new tracks — there’s a total of “maybe like two songs, maybe four, who knows?” she says — another is a Buckingham composition. Still, Nicks is quick to add that everything is still in the discussion phase: “We’re just still in talks.”

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