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The Friday Morning Listen: Rush – Clockwork Angels (2012)

Hmmm…the last time I wrote about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was back in 2010, when good ‘ole Tom Waits was on the list of potential inductees. I’m not sure how I missed an entire year.

Something Else! sneak peek: Stick Men, “Hide the Trees” (2012)

A new track from the forthcoming album Deep illustrates the stirring narrative command that the Stick Men are bringing to this whale watching-themed project.

Ron Miles, with Bill Frisell and Brian Blade – Quiver (Live) (2012)

Ron Miles, without making a bunch of loud, weird noises, has become one of the most eloquently unique trumpet players of the last twenty years.

Deep Beatles: "I’ll Get You" from Rarities (1963)

“That was Paul and me trying to write a song … and it didn’t work out,” John Lennon said in a 1980 interview. Despite Lennon’s opinion, 1963’s “I’ll Get You” exemplifies the Beatles’ growing ability to absorb pop and rhythm and blues